Thursday, March 8, 2012

Koti Chennaya Kambala puttur

Puttur March 7: The Koti-Chennayya Jodukere Kambala to facilitate was held this gone weekend, motto around real charging clash with the distinctive bewilder chase reputation away from home as the prime attraction of the event.

Due to the expenses to facilitate a Kambala event stress, many chairs in the borough motto their Kambala event not taking place this day. But Puttur continued the tradition of hosting the event this day too, which it has been responsibility on behalf of the gone 18 years. The Kambala was led by N Muttappa Rai, with more than 150 pairs of buffaloes participating in it.

It is still a folk art of rural area. The organization of Kambala at once is being taken concentration of by businessmen noticeably than agriculturists. Nowadays it is triumphant in attracting women as well. A remarkable numeral of women viewers were seen in Puttur Kambala.

Y Shivaramayya, Administrator of the Temple, presided ended the induction. Annatha Shenoy, Administrator, Lakshnmi Vekatramana temple, Chennappa Rai Derla, Administrator Keyyuru Durgaparameshwari temple, Rev. Vijay Harvin, Priest Sudana church,  Eric Crasta, Director,  St Philomenas Educational Insttution, Chanila Timmappa Shetty, Administrator Balnadu Ullalti Temple, N Sudhakar Shetty, Convener, Kambala Committee, Chadrahasa Shetty, President,  Satish Nayak, Secretary of the Committee were as well submit.

Negilu Hiriya, Negilu Kiriya, Hagga Hiriya, Hagga Kiriya, Kana Halage and Adda Halage competitions were held.

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