Friday, March 29, 2013

Karnataka SSLC Results 2013


Karnataka Puttur SSLC Results 2013

Karnataka Panel SSLC Tenth Category 2013 outcomes will be declared by Karnataka additional knowledge board which  is an motivated board to train and learning for the additional area in Karnataka and Karnataka SSLC 2013 area passes obtain will be done by the Karnataka board of additional knowledge. The SSLC of Karnataka is also known as Tenth class.
 The Karnataka additional knowledge board will perform examinations for the learners of Karnataka SSLC 2013 in the 30 days of Apr 2013 and the area passes or confess cards for Karnataka SSLC 2013 will be launched on the 30 days of Apr 1st of 2013. and the outcomes will be declared in the 30 days of july of 2013.

Totally this year there may be 10 lakhs of learners are going to take the examinations of Karnataka SSLC 2013. So the applicants who are showing for examinations can check their outcomes after the slip up of two months from the time frame of evaluation.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Puttur Municipality Election Results


Puttur Municipal Election Results 2013



Name Number of Ward Ward won at least
1 kabaka 1 somappa sapalya (BJP)
2 kabaka 2 jivandhar Jain (BJP)
3 padnuru 1 Harish Naik (BJP)
4 bannuru 1 Ramanna Gowda (BJP)
5 bannuru 2 Vishwanatha Gowda (BJP)
6 cikkamudnuru 1 nellikatte Jagdish Shetty (Congress)
7 cikkamudnuru 2 Anwar Qasim (Congress)
8 Puttur kasaba 1 Chandra Singh (BJP)
9 Puttur kasaba 2 energy Sinha (Congress)
Kasaba 3 makes 10 steward 10 Puttur Shridhar (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 4 kombettu sujindra 11 Prince (BJP)
12 Puttur kasaba 5 makes 12 jayalaksmi Suresh (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 6 13 13 bolvaru Vanitha (BJP)
14 Puttur kasaba 7 Yashoda Harish (BJP)
Puttur kasaba 15 8 Rajesh bannuru (BJP)
Puttur kasaba 9 16 16 tenkila Kamal Anand (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 17 10 vinayabhandari (BJP)
Puttur kasaba 11 18 maccimale - golikatte Leena Mascarenhas (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 12 19 initiation of pi (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 1 20 13 kemminje Muhammad Ali (Congress)
Kasaba 14 21 Limitation of Puttur Gangadhar (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 15 line 22 yasodhar (Congress)
23 Puttur kasaba 16 bedrala Mukesh (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 17 24 balacandra (BJP)
Puttur kasaba 18 25 kemminje Sheila Pye (Congress)
Puttur kasaba 19 26 mottettadka Navin Naik (Congress)
27 Puttur kasaba 20 balnadu jayanthi Congress)

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