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Balavana Swimming Pool Puttur


Balavana Swimming Pool

Balavana Swimming Pool in Puttur is among the most second such facility in the nation to receive a bronze certification from Austswim, an Australia-based institution that teaches swimming. The first swimming pool to take delivery of an Austswim accreditation can also be from the state of hawaii - Dolphin Aquatic Centre in Bengaluru.

The pool run through the district administration has nine Austswim certified instructors. International swimmer and coach Partha Varanashi will be the lease owner of the pool. He will be the only Austswim presenter in the united states.

Partha said Austswim Bronze is really a basic certification awarded through the Australian institution.

"To get Austswim accreditations, a pool is predicted to maintain a clear set of standards. Once these basic requirements are met, the pool is awarded the bronze certification. It will be and then silver and gold grades. Austswim team visited the pool in June this year" he added.

At present, over 150 swimmers are get yourself ready for various competitions under Partha who's trained over 4,000 swimmers from Dakshina Kannada along with parts of a state.

Swimmers from Balavana Swimming Pool have bagged about 600 medals in numerous competitions. Of them, 13 are national-level medals, he was quoted saying.

Partha said, "They started giving swimming lessons to schoolchildren through the last academic year. Balavana has joined hands with several schools in Puttur to add swimming inside their curriculum. Over 400 underprivileged schoolchildren are taught swimming without cost as part of an initiative launched in association with Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The pool been specifically declared as being a centre for Rashtriya Life Saving Society (RLSS)."

The Austswim accreditation is known as the industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers. At present, you can find over 32,000 Austswim teachers in Australia.

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Hanumagiri puttur


Hanumagiri Betta in puttur

Distance between Puttur and Hanumagiri is 23 kms or 14.3 miles or 12.4 nautical miles  

 It takes 27 minutes to visit from Puttur to Hanumagiri. Approximate driving distance between Puttur and Hanumagiri is 23 kms or 14.3 miles or 12.4 nautical miles . Travel time refers back to the time taken when the distance is included by a car.

On the table above you can observe driving distance in several units namely kilo metres, miles and nautical miles.

1 Mile is all about 1609 metres. 1 Nautical Mile is strictly 1852 metres.

You can observe the route map below.
Surrounded from the breath-taking appeal of the Sahyadri  hill range from the east, because of the roaring Arabian Sea within the south, the calm surroundings with the Karavali coast, Hanumagiri stands amidst Udupi and Dakshina Kannada famously called Tulu naadu specially in a place called Ishwaramangala, located  5 kms south of Sullia. One can see the plantations of coconut, areca and banana from the plains on the other hand and models of trees, plants and bushes inside the hills alternatively. Lying within the border of Paduvannur and Nettanige Mudnur villages, this place of Hanuman may be named Hanumagiri.

The monolithic statue  of Panchamukhi  Hanuman standing  at a height of 11 ft., carved from black stone may not be the only grounds for anyone to create a visit to the best place, you will find carved plaques reciting the glorious story of Ramayana, carvings on rocks and stones facing the lush greenery describing the various episodes of  the life  of Hanuman, statues of Rama and Hanuman symbolizing their harmonious relation. Therefore this feat stands as an example from the sculptural grandeur on this century.

Visits to the place and darshan of Shri Hanuman have the freedom of cost. Devotees can get involved in all the religious rites performed here. In order to sustain the religious, cultural and spiritual values one of the people inside the society, the stories of Rama and Hanuman are recited, memorized and recollected. There are opportunities for Prayers, chants and recitals. The Kshethra can also be planning for projects like Annadaan, hospitals and education. For children, youth and elders alike, programmes on awareness in the Indian cultural heritage, and personality development are used up here. In this place of worship, varieties of Sevas and rituals are manufactured possible for your devotees- to the remedy to Shanidosha, Shanipooja Seva is produced available; to get rid from the difficulties in your everyday living, Raashipooja; with the fulfillment of wishes and desires, Rangapooje; and Pavamaana Rathotsava.

The presence of Lord Ram always means the inclusion of Hanuman, plus they are inseparable. And so, naturally and figuratively, there may be Ramagiri in Hanumagiri and there is certainly Hanumagiri in Ramagiri. Therefore in Hanumagiri each of the five portions of Nature- Earth, Agni, Vaayu, Jal, Akasha are exemplified through the five Mukhas of Hanuman, which stands as a symbol on the unified spirit of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman.


Origin     Puttur, Karnataka, India
Destination     Hanumagiri, Ishwaramangala, Karnataka, India
Driving Distance     23 kms or 14.3 miles or 12.4 nautical miles
Driving Time     27 minutes

 Hanuman chalisa in kannada

New Mahalingeshwara Temple

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