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Kudroli Gokarnath Temple Mangalore

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Kudroli

Sri Narayana Guru (A social reformer plus a saint) consecrated the Shivalinga on this temple in 1912. This temple is positioned at Kudroli, and that is about 3 Km out from the main city section of Hampankatta in Mangalore. The original temple structure what food was in Kerala style, which had been replaced, by Chola style during recent renovation in 1991. The main deity in the temple is Lord Shree Gokarnanatha ( Lord Shiva). Navarathri Utsava (Dasara festival) is incredibly famous and it is one with the main tourist events with this temple. A grand procession of Goddess Durga combined with the Nava Durgas comes about during this festival now popularly referred to as "Mangalore Dasara", which attracts many tourists and devotees from distant corners in the state, Nation and all of over the world and is extremely popular like Mysore Dasara.

The Billawa Community was being traditionally suppressed because of the upper caste treating them as 'untouchables'. It is in this particular scenario how the community found a messiah in Sri Narayana Guru. Sri Narayana Guru who hailed from Kerala is regarded as the uplifter on the downtrodden along with a visionary social servant. Learning about the effort undertaken by Sri Narayana Guru in establishing social equality through his temple in Shivagiri, Kerala, a prominent Billawa leader from Mangalore, Sahukar Koragappa visited the Guru together with the leaders with the community in 1908. The delegation appraised Sri Narayana Guru around the problems faced through the Billawas in admission from the community into your temple at Mangalore. Sri Narayana Guru visited Mangalore on invitation with this delegation and ascertained for himself, the exactness in the then prevailing situation. After see the place, Sri Narayana Guru himself selected the area in Kudroli and advised the town elders of a suitable location to make a temple and the task began under his direction around 1908. Elders including Sahukar Koragappa took the initiative in ensuring smooth progress inside temple's construction.

Sri Narayana Guru himself formally consecrated the temple in February 1912 by installing the Sacred Shiva Linga, which had been brought by him. He also named this place as Shree Gokarnanatha Kshethra. Sri Narayana Guru advocated that of God's creation had the authority to worship the Almighty and preached men and women irrespective from the caste, creed or religion must worship one divine force, known by different names.

As per the Guru's advice, idols of Lord Ganapathy, Lord Subramanya, Goddess Annapoorneshwari, Lord Bhairava, the Nava Grahas (Lords of Nine Planets), Lord Shanishwara and Lord Shri Krishna is installed in the Kshethra. This has helped devotees to worship whatsoever these sannidanams (abode) and seek blessings and solace for varied problems at one place

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